Hair Removal With Veet For Men

Ever since girls discovered jeans and men discovered pink, unisex accessories have become quite common. The rise of the metrosexual man was a God-send for makers of grooming products. Naturally, the next stage in the beauty revolution was his-and-hers. Companies made female versions of male products and now, there are even male versions of female products, including Veet for men.

Veet has given the ladies smooth, stress free hair removal for years, and now the guys are in on it too. Veet hair removal gel or cream provides lots of advantages over standard razors and shaving cream for removing body hair. It has a mild scent that keeps you smelling fresh and clean, and this is important, since it’s not advisable to use colognes or deodorants less than 24 hours after shaving. It’s also quite easy to use, and you won’t have to worry about cuts or infections. Unwanted hair comes off in as little as four minutes, making the task a quickie rather than a tiresome ritual. You can rinse off the gel in the shower, though you might not want to use hot water. One of the coolest things about using Veet cream is that when the hair grows back, it’s soft and even. Your skin doesn’t feel as prickly or itchy as it does after shaving with a razor. The stubble may even go unnoticed until your partner points it out. It’s that comfortable.

There are some things to remember though. You shouldn’t use perfumed scents, soap, or hot water after using the cream. If you do, it stings. A lot. So, make sure to shower before you use the cream, not after. You can rinse off with lukewarm or cold water, and if you can, use the cream before bed so that you can safely shower and spray in the morning. Remember that Veet must never be used on your scalp, face, or perianal and genital areas. The skin in these areas is very sensitive and the hair is tougher as well.

If you prefer something more dramatic, Veet has wax strips for men. They keep you smooth and hair free for up to four weeks and are quite easy to use. Wax strips shouldn’t be used on the chest though. Gel cream is a safer way to get smooth shiny pecks. Veet for men wax strips are great, but unless you’re going for the Andy Stitzer effect, you should trim the hair to 2mm before you wax it. Redness is normal, and wax strips can be reused up to four times, so they’re ideal for the practical man.

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