Be Addicted To The Versace Bright Crystal Perfume

One French designer once said that perfumes are also a part of a womanís wardrobe. Truthfully quoted, perfumes indeed have their own roles to play when it comes to making a woman look, feel, and smell attractive. With every spray of a fragrance, another person reacts to the smell and creates a certain reaction the olfactory senses. While women are addicted to scents and fragrances, only a few can resist the charm there is in a Versace Bright Crystal perfume. Along with the exciting and attractive bottle and cover, you get to have a fragrance that can not only make you smell irresistible, but can also make you feel every bit special and expensive with the way it attracts colleagues once it is sprayed on the body.

Magnolia, pomegranate and yuzu are the main components of the said fragrance. These combinations create a feminine scent which can be worn for both day and night. The mixture of fruits and flowers add up to a girly scent which is neither too strong nor weak. Its neutral scent intensity is of adequate combination which is not repulsive or too strong for the nose to smell. As for those who are allergic to sharp and powerful scents, the Bright Crystal is of equal gradient which makes it an important component of a womanís purse.

The scent goes a long way and you can still smell the dry down on your skin in the evening long after you applied some on your skin early in the morning. The lasting power compensates for the price and you get a wise buy which is worth the cost you paid for. You can either keep it in your bedroom, or just place it inside your purse and leave some time to spray once you feel in the mood to refresh. Spray it in your neck and you can attract compliments from other people in your home, in the office, or in the party.

This Eau de Toilette has a lasting power higher than a cologne, but is second in rank next to a perfume. For the woman who is concerned with this issue, she can find that the said fragrance is able to last for hours while leaving a trace of its scent in the skin. If you wish to learn more about the said topic, you can click on the link and learn more there is about the topics natural skin care products, high-end perfumes and cosmetic items.

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