A Good Education Can Make a Difference in the Veterinary Technician’s Career

An individual desiring to become a veterinary technician should get as much education as possible so that they can have the option to choose the area they want to specialize in. This can mean the skilled professional may receive the vet tech salary on the higher pay scale than if they had chosen to just take enough courses to pass the credentialing test and then work in a clinic or hospital setting. There are seven areas of knowledge that can make a huge difference in the competence of an aspirant taking the VTNE four hour certification examinations. These areas are radiology and ultrasound, animal nursing, animal dentistry, surgical prep and assisting the veterinarian, and pharmacology. To attain the necessary knowledge to pass this test here are a few of the courses that should be taken: physiology and anatomy, radiology, anesthesiology, parasitology, and pharmacology.

The education should also include basic office skills as the veterinary technician jobs may include assisting at the front desk during a busy day. This might mean they would be answering the phone and scheduling appointments, and stocking, maintaining and taking inventory of all the medicines and supplies for the entire clinic. They may be in charge of taking intake histories of each new patient, and recording new information into the histories of all of the clinics or research facility’s patients, or recording the daily food intake and exercise level. This means that the vet tech would need to be detail oriented and able to multi-task going back and forth from the laboratory to the front office and then maybe to a surgery room to ready it for the next surgery. The overall education is foremost in the preparation for any of the vet tech careers and to the vet technician salary. But, if the individual does not have a strong natural feeling for caring for animals they may not be as successful in any career related to the profession as someone that does have that innate feeling. To pursue this type of career, an individual must be dedicated to making a difference in the lives of animals. This in turn may bring great job satisfaction to the veterinary technician.

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