VHS To DVD – The Easy And Inexpensive Way

If you have a junk-load of old VHS tapes that you want to convert to DVD, you are going to be in for a very big surprise if you have not watched them in a while. Time can cause colors to bleed, white specs, and other noticeable problems to occur to your once prized home videos. The sooner you get in action on this problem, the better – and the easier it will be to save those old home video memories.

Note: If you are trying to transfer 8mm film to DVD, you will need something that can convert movie film. Click on the previous link to find out more.

There are a lot of DIY hardware and software out there that will save your cherished memories for generations to come. Some are inexpensive and easy to use and are designed for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) practitioners. They will save you money but they can still get the job done with a reasonable amount of quality for the price. If you are not a super control freak or perfectionist like I am, then these DIY products may be right for you. One of these products is the Honestech VHS to DVD 5.0 digital converter, which can do it with hardware and software that come packaged together to save you money without separate shipping and get the job started and finished as quickly as possible.

Honestech VHS to DVD 5.0 can be used with a computer, VCR (or camcorder), a DVD burner, and some video editing software. That is really all you will need. These items are sold separately but many of them you most likely already own so it should be no additional cost. A lot of computers have free editing software like Windows Movie Maker. The capture device itself is relatively simple in that it is basically a box that connects to a VCR or camcorder with either an “S-Video” cable or a “composite video” cable. The kit has these cables included so you don’t have to make another trip out to the local Radio Shack. The box can connect to a Windows computer running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 via a USB 2.0 cable that comes with the kit.

All in all, this is an excellent video converter package that works well for an easy VHS to DVD digital conversion. Get your kit now and you will be on your way to saving your family memories for the next generation.

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