Why Use A Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoop?

Why would anyone use a mounted hoop when there are in-ground hoops and portables that are available? Mounted basketball hoops are the least attractive of the basketball systems that are available right now. They do not have that supporting structure that is reminiscent of the basket ball hoop used on professional stadiums. But there are certain advantages that can be had from using mounted hoops and here are some of them:

Mounted Hoops are More Affordable

Mounted basketball systems are more affordable than the other types of basketball systems. Mounted systems are more affordable since you are only paying for the backboard and the rim unlike with a portable or an in-ground which includes a base and a pole.  That is why for price conscious homeowners mounted hoops are a good option.

Mounted Hoops Are Easy to Install

Compared with the installation of an in-ground hoop, setting up a mounted system is a walk in the park. You do not have to dig a hole and it would take far less time. All you need to do is to anchor it to the wall of your house or garage. You can even install it on the roof. All it takes is to drill a few holes there.

Mounted Hoops Are Very Stable

They say that an in-ground basketball system is very stable since its base is buried, but I believe that a mounted hoop has a lot more potential when it comes to stability, because it is solidly anchored to an existing structure like a house or a wall. It becomes as stable as that structure and it can take on a lot more punishment than any other hoop type because of that.

Those are just three of the reasons why using a mounted hoop is far better than using any other hoop type. This should convince you to use a mounted basketball system now for that residential basketball court that you are planning to build. To learn more reason go to Basketball is Beautiful.

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