All about Wardrobe Designs

Today, wardrobes are not just storage spaces for apparels and personal things. They are also a perfect way to show off your tastes when it comes to furniture designs. Few had only known how this piece of furniture had evolved from just a simple standing closet to a more attractive and stylish wardrobe designs.

The History
A wardrobe is also known as an armoire, is a standing closet used for storing clothes. The earliest wardrobe is a chest with a typical rectangular structure having four walls and a lid that can easily be lift up for storage. The interior space may be subdivided to accommodate storage of clothes, weapons and other valuable things. Time came when some level of luxury was attained in regal palaces. They made a room in which wall-space was filled with cupboards and lockers, and then they named the room as wardrobe.

Types of wardrobe designs
When it comes to wardrobes styles, a wide variety of choices are available in the market for you to pick one that will best suit your style.

A Walk-in wardrobe stores all your things in order for easy access. It offers the perfect solution for awkward room shapes and different window positions. It comes with a fully adjustable shelves and drawers for all your hanging clothes and other accessories.

A Built-in wardrobe provides a tailored space to store each individual type of clothes and accessories. It comes in great designs depending on your preference. You can have either full carcass built-in wardrobe, frame construction or sliding door built-in wardrobe. It can fit any type of room decor and enhance the look of your room while keeping your things in its proper place for easy location.

A Sliding door built-in wardrobe will make your room look bigger if installed with a huge mirror. This sliding door glides effortlessly aside from giving an ample storage for your clothes and other things.

Having a piece of wardrobe furniture inside your home will also suggest luxury. Nice stand-alone wardrobe closets and divan beds can make a wonderful addition to any room. Both make good use of the space that a room has. Wardrobe designs have changed a lot in how they have been used over the past years. Even the look and designs have also changed, from an ordinary standing closet and now to modern wardrobe furniture in different looks and designs.

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