Gifts For The Amazon Kindle – Try A Water Resistant Kindle Cover

One of the most wanted gadgets of 2010 was the Amazon Kindle the latest generation which has become one of the most popular e-readers. If you wish to buy a present to someone who already has an Amazon Kindle, do not despair as there are several add ons and accessories available. First of all, you can always get books, with an increasing catalogue there are books to interest everyone. Moreover the Kindle’s version of the most recent best sellers generally  cost less than their versions on paper. And you don’t have to be concerned that they have far too many as the Kindle can keep over 3000 books! You can always purchase an Amazon Gift Card especially for Kindle Books. You’ll find also many newspapers and magazine subscriptions offered, simple to download and that can be taken everywhere.

Additionally you can find other ideas for Kindle gifts. One good idea would be a small lamp that can be clipped on right on the Kindle, there are some that are especially made and will use the power from the Kindle itself therefore they do not even need batteries and would be loved by anyone who reads before going to sleep. If you know someone who reads the Kindle in the bathtub then you can find a water resistant Kindle cover. Generally a Kindle cover is a very smart idea as y in a handheld gadget that can be taken everywhere there is always the danger that it will get scratched or badly damaged. There are many covers available, some of them are on the Amazon website itself. You can find some basic and practical designs but also those created by well known designers. There is also an increasing number of novelty Kindle covers, try Etsy where you will be able to find hundreds of hand made and distinctive designs for  novelty gift ideas. The internet, yet again, proves to be a constant source of creativity and inspiration.

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