Ways How To Relieve Back Pain

The advancement of medical science has brought many ways how to relieve back pain. Many individuals are now suffering back problems which can be dangerous if not taken cared of right away. But back pain is not a serious kind of medical condition at the same time it can be treated.

Many medical conditions have back pain as warning indicator, so it is important to know first the underlying causes of your back pain before doing any kind of treatment that might offer or worsen the back problem. So, it is important to undergo in different physical assessment to really determine the cause of the problem.

The usual warning indicator for back pain includes stab-like pain in the back all the way to the lower thighs, tingling sensation, and decreased sensation in the ankle and knees. Sciatica is a warning indicator normally mistaken for back pain. Sciatica happens when sciatic nerves located in the spinal column is pinched.

Sometimes sciatica nerve is affected by deteriorating spinal discs, pelvic problems, and to most women it is because of pregnancy. Sciatic nerve treatment for pain is normally used to remedy the problem. There are many remedies that can help relieve back pain which are sciatica in nature.

The easiest remedy is taking OTC pain killers that are readily available in many drugstores. But long term use of pain killers can have devastating complication to your kidneys. That is why many are now using natural or traditional alternative medicine because it has no known complication to the body.

Sciatica treatment at home can include simple muscle stretching to build-up back and abdominal muscle groups. Build-up muscles are more ready to handle more pressure from our daily routines. Therapeutic massage is also known to relieve stress muscles in the back even the whole body. It can restore vitality to injured and over used muscles.

Yoga discipline can be practiced at home. Yoga has good and effective muscle stretching workout routine. It can increased joint and muscle suppleness. It will improve reflexes to respond to any sensations and other body functions. It can relax any tensed muscle which can cause back pain also.

One more at home treatment that is simple to execute is the utilization of hot and cold therapy. It is cost effective and all natural. It can relieve inflammation in the back and reduced any pain sensation. It is advisable to execute the routine for a maximum of 15 minutes for 2-3 hours at the onset of the pain.

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