Wedding Cupcake Stand-Decorations That Will Turn A Wedding Festive

Serving wedding cupcakes as desserts can do wonders on your special day. They can be baked in various flavors to cater mostly to a variety of preferences your guest may have. The designs of the frosting can simply turn them into special delectable pieces that surely would stir your guest’s appetites. One way to make these cupcakes shine and catch the eye of everyone is to serve them on the right wedding cupcake stand since you simply could not put them on a plate.

These stands are actually similar to serving trays but are specially shaped like a Christmas tree or a tower to have more impact on the presentation. Generally they are made from plastic, crystal, or metal and have tiers either in single or multiple numbers. The tiers which are built one over the other will function as the platforms where the cupcakes will be put and arranged accordingly. Other designs also include the cascade will allows for different arrangements for the cupcakes and the wire stand that has individual holders rather than the round and flat tier. The capacity of these stands can reach up to 50 cupcakes.

Aside from getting the right cupcake stand, chair covers are among other items that also need extra thought during planning. Covering the wedding chairs can certainly turn them into neat and classy seats instead of plain looking furniture. It will make the look of your venue more like a special event that truly is celebrating a wonderful moment.

You can have these covers in various fabrics and designs such as plain or with sash, ribbon, or bow. They are also available in many colors not just in the traditional white or ivory. Light blue, pink, and purple for instance are also popular even red and black. Just be careful with your choices and make sure they match you theme.

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