What You Need To Know About White And Purple Flowers For The Wedding

Weddings are indeed ceremonial in their nature and symbolic objects fill the venue in order to better represent the essence of the union of two souls and not only the coming together of two people. Despite the context, belief system or religion, a wedding is played in the idea that it is a spiritual event and this theme is always taken dominant. Hence, the wedding includes dominant symbolic objects such as wedding flower arrangements. What could better symbolize love, life and joy than these flowers? And what are lovelier and appropriate than the white and purple ones?

White is no doubt worn by most brides since it is the symbol of purity, the demonstration being that she is a virgin. But what is often left is the idea that white is also a dominant symbol for new beginnings. In today’s society, this is a more appropriate thought. Despite the many ugly things that happened in the past, we should have that attitude that they can be wiped clean and we can start anew. Hence, white wedding flowers are best representation for this. Purple is one color that is very spiritual and it also symbolizes mystery and magic as well. What greater mystery there is than a couple’s mystery of love, which can be best illustrated in purple wedding flowers.

In addition, purple is a symbol of royalty and even for just a day, we all deserve to be a queen or king even for just one day. Probably, we can feel like those characters in the past who have such titles. There is no other perfect occasion to feel like one than in your own wedding. Hence, the combination of wedding flowers in purple and white make that ritualistic symbol in a rare and terrific event such as this. They mix together the primary theme of the wedding in proper harmony like the union of two individuals or souls to start anew in the purity of love which will sooner be expressed in the creation of a new life.

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