The Wedding Gazebo

Where does the wedding gazebo originate from? First off, let us take a close look at the word gazebo. It is not a word that happened to slip out from an alien shooter movie or a Wild West movie. However, there is no official story regarding the origin of the word. Most people think, though, that it derives from the Latin for “to gaze” or possibly the French for “how beautiful”.

Gazebos are pavilions, and to understand the origin of such architectural buildings, you should take a look at the origin of pavilions—Asia. The Far East holds much for architecture—it is both mysterious and mystical. Pavilions were not used for wedding purposes in the East back then, and are still not popular nowadays, however the usage of pavilions as recreational and relaxation purposes have been recorded even in the Tang literature of the 9th century.

Gazebos are very calming, due to the open air and the optimum shade. It is not too dark, and not too bright. You will not need shades for them, and you will not need lights. The openness of gazebos provide for good air flow, meaning that in the summer, you will not need air conditioning or even an electric fan. That is probably one of the reasons why the West decided to implement this architectural design from the East.

Nowadays, with the creative modern mind, more and more people are looking to using things from the East in their everyday lives to spice things up. One of the results is the wedding gazebo. These gazebos are decorated richly with flowers and lights, providing the perfect oriental touch to a wedding.

Most gazebos are rented out early—as early as 6 months in advance. So, if you are looking to planning your wedding in a gazebo, then you should perhaps look up online for the possible wedding gazebos available for rent around your area right away! Many couples prefer all inclusive destination weddings for that special, stress-free wedding day.

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