Personalized Picture Or Do It Yourself?

Going crazy on the wedding invitations? Why not make it your own. Use a personalized picture wedding invitation. You can use a photo of yourself and your partner with the details of the wedding. To make things easier for you, you can use a wedding invitation kit. This would allow you to enter your photo and your details on a template that you chose. These kits are also known as printable wedding invitation kits. It ranges from actual invitations, save the date card, RSVP and thank you cards. You can get yourself a pre-made template and fill in the details and voila! That is one lesser thing to worry about.

If you decide to go about this on your own, do a little research on the internet to get ideas on layout and designs. Next pick 2 to 3 photographs of you and your partner that you can use. The more common choices are holding hands, looking into the horizon and of course a kiss. Once you have decided on all these elements you can start laying it out yourself. Make sure that you can make it uniform for all your other cards (save the date, RSVP and thank you cards).

Then again, not all planners have the time for the designing so the wedding invitation kit is still not a bad idea. Uniqueness is still an item these third party designers look into. With the simple fact that you are using your own photo for the layout, the invitation is as unique as you. This is also considered as an all in one solution since all details are laid out on one page. In turn this can translate to savings. Personalized picture wedding invitation is gaining popularity among brides today because it’s a deviation from the traditional invitations. So, take your pick, do it yourself or do it with personalized picture wedding invitations.

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