Get The Most Out Of Your Weight Lifting Workouts

For those wanting to get into body building, you should know that it is not a walk in the park. You need to sacrifice a lot here and be prepared to push your body to its limits. This is the only way to effectively build muscles.  Aside from the countless hours in the gym, you should also have a good muscle building diet which should act as a supplement. Do not underestimate the food that you eat especially if you want to build muscles effectively.

For starters, I would advise you to do some compounded exercises first. These are good for bulking up and you should be able to activate a couple of muscles groups at once with simple exercises. Below are my recommended weight lifting workouts.

Start of with some Bench Press. This is good for your upper body and is responsible for building huge massive chests. Make sure to use the right form though as most beginners just fail on this one. Your chest should do most of the lifting and not your arms. To do this, isolate your chest muscles by clipping your shoulders so that your back will make sort of an arc. Always lift the weights slowly to be more effective.

Squats are the second thing you must do. They are in charge of your lower body and abdominal muscles also. It is quite easy to injure yourself here so make sure to be very careful. Lead out with your behind first to transfer all the pressure on your quads and not your back. Again, do this slowly with the proper form and avoid jerky movements.

Finally do some Dead Lifts. This will make your hamstrings bigger and also work on your arms. Keep the barbell as close to your legs as possible so that you won’t put pressure on your back again.

There we go, the exercises above should provide you with the basics. They are good for bulking up so before you move on to advanced exercises, make  sure to master these three first.

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