Weight Loss Tips For Women: Three Ways To Shed Your Winter Coat

Quite a few women think that weight loss for them will be in some way different than weight loss for males. Right now, I hope that if I destroy your world view, it is for the better rather than for the worse. But, here is a nasty tiny secret: weight loss rules especially pertaining to women are a ruse! In terms of how fat is stored as well as how energy is used, you can find virtually no difference between men and women. Now, if you are carrying a baby inside your body, or going through that time of the month, issues may be a little different. Nonetheless, this will not really change what you should be doing to get rid of excess weight by any means, shape or mode. Within this short post I will develop the way you need to prioritize your time and energy to get the biggest bang for your buck, whether or not you are  female.

Eating five to six times per day may be the best non-exercise thing that you can do. Be sure to eat protein at every meal and also eat every 2-3 hours. This is a technique that most bodybuilders learn, and now you know it too. This keeps your metabolic rate elevated the whole day and allows you to burn up more calories passively.

The 2nd biggest thing you can do is to lift weights. Move serious weights utilizing complex movements (standing press rather than a triceps extension, deadlift instead of rowing, and so on) and with the maximum amount of weight on the bar as you are able to handle for three to five reps. Women, absolutely no pink dumbbells. My niece who is four plays with pink dumbbells because they are toys, and do not count as lifting weights.

Following weight lifting, interval training can be quite powerful. Should you find a way to do four weight training sessions per week and a few interval sessions on your non-lifting days, then you are allowed to throw in some steady state cardio…only when you have fulfilled all these requirements. You are throwing away your time and effort with jogging unless of course you happen to be extremely overweight – then you definitely should be strolling as much as you can, and not jogging. Jogging is not good on the joints of the very obese.

Keep in mind that your gender makes no difference on your efforts to lose weight. Working hard in the right way has everything to do with weight loss. I have provided the most effective approaches to use your time, now it is up to you to decide if you wish to get the greatest bang for your buck, or continue wasting your time and effort doing crunches and steady state cardio.

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