What Are Bicycle Shorts?

When you ride a bicycle on a daily basis, it pays to invest in some cycling gear such as bicycle shorts. These special shorts are designed to improve posture and comfort while reducing painful chafing. They do this by tightly hugging the skin with special stretchy material.

Materials like Spandex make up many of these shorts. The material needs to be flexible enough to allow for movement and breathable enough to allow sweat to dissipate into the air. By preventing sweat from building up, the rider’s skin will stay mostly dry.

Bicycle shorts are made up of sections called panels. These panels are sews together to form shorts which are in the perfect shape for bike riding. When we ride a bike, our back curves forward, our legs fold up and our arms lean outward. Bicycle shorts are designed to contour to this exact shape while riding. As a result, the leg and buttock sections are extremely curved. The rigidity of this curvature is defined by the number of panels. For example, an 8 panel short is more curved than a 2 panel. Always put on your bicycle shorts shortly before you ride, as it is somewhat uncomfortable and unwieldy to stand up straight in these curved shorts.

Bicycle shorts are available for women and men. Manufacturers make shorts slightly different for each gender since men and women are physically different. However, in some cases a pair of shorts from the opposite gender may feel better on your particular body. The best way to buy bicycle shorts is to go to a sports wear store and try them on in person. Once you know your size, you can have more confidence when buying your shorts online without trying them on. Bicycle shorts are the best way to improve riding comfort and reduce drag while riding.

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