What is a Manual Juicer?

Juicing is the act of extracting the liquid content from fruits or vegetables. This extract may be used for drinking consumption or may be used as a marinade or part of an ingredient to a sweet or savory dish. You can get this extract from fruits or vegetables. Not all fruits and vegetables can be juiced easily but with today’s modern inventions, it is now possible to do this. The types of juicers in the market today fall under two main categories: the manual juicer and electric juicer. The least intimidating juicer, and the juicers that most beginners get, is a manual juicer.

The most obvious characteristic of a manual juicer is that it does not operate using electricity. This means that all the extract you will be getting from your fruit and vegetable will be done using physical exertion. The most common manual juicer is called a citrus juicer. Most people already have this juicer in their kitchen without even realizing that it is a juicer. A citrus juicer usually looks like an inverted bowl with edges and a round conical spout protruding upwards in the center. The base has a ledge to hold the juice and is broken by a spout. The fruit is juiced by pressing in a downward circular motion. Juice flows down to the ledge/funnel and is transferred using the spout. Other manual juicers usually have a lever and a press with a stainless steel body. These manual juicers can juice citrus fruit, other fruit, and vegetables. You may also see special wheatgrass juicer devices.  Essentially, juice is extracted by pressing the fruits or vegetable to extract the juices. These are more complicated than the citrus juicers but are still easy to use. They usually come in two to three stainless steel parts that can be combines and disassembled easily.

If the individual is a beginner and the thought of operating a complicated appliance is scary, then a manual juicer is the best choice.

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