What Is Frosted Glass?

Frosted glass is a type of glass that has had an additive put in it or has been altered after it was made so that you cannot see thru it.  Sometimes manufactures will put something in the glass when it is being made.  This can make it a specific color or glass or it can make it just white and not clear.  When we think of glass, we think of the traditional boring stuff in our house, but there is a whole new world of glass out there.  One of my favorites is called frosted glass.  This is where the glass has been scratched and you cannot see thru it.  It is sometimes called etched glass.  If you are at all handy, there are plenty of kits out there to do it yourself.  If you scratch and etch the glass, it usually makes for a white finish.  If you are interested in some kind of color like a rose or something, you might opt for a frosted glass film.  I personally love the films because they can be changed out for redesign and they are very inexpensive.  Anyone can do it themselves.  Both the etching and film have a wide array of uses.  You can opt to do a while window or just a piece of it.  You can use it on cabinets that have glass fronts and you can also use them on glass tables.  I have seen some beautiful old glass fireplace fronts that are really pretty.

Another non permanent option is to use stained glass panels instead of using a whole stained glass.  These are easily don’t on old windows and then you can hang them in front of the original window.  Just like with a film, they can easily be changed out without hurting the original window.  This is a wonderful option for people who rent and are not allowed to make permanent changes where they live.

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