Where Are The NBA Finals Held?

Determining where the NBA Finals are to be held in any give year depends on multiple factors. The NBA employs the use of an 82 game regular season and has done so for many years. These 82 games are used primarily to assess the ability of each individual team — as well as increase revenues. Once all 32 teams have completed their regular season, the top eight from each conference are then entered into Playoff competition.

The seeding for the Playoffs is set based on each teams’ record over the course of the regular season as well as which teams won their division. This is done so that the teams which had a more dominant regular season are at an advantage by being granted an extra home court game during each series as well as initially playing the easier teams — record wise — in the earlier rounds.

While there are many more nuances to take into account — such as individual team match ups and injuries — granting the top two seeds in the league the biggest advantage heading into the postseason is a fair reward for their regular season efforts. That being said, it is actually quite rare that the number 1 seeds from both the Eastern and Western Conference brackets collide in the NBA Finals.

In the NBA, there is so much talent across the board for all NBA teams — especially those which qualify for Playoff competition — that successfully navigating the gauntlet that is the first three rounds to make the NBA Finals is a daunting task in and of itself. Possessing talent is great, but a cohesive team with talent is what will always prevail and land you in the NBA Finals.

The NBA Finals will be initially held in the city of the team which comes out of their conference Playoff bracket and holds a better regular season record than their counterpart who came out of the other side of the bracket. The NBA Finals is the only round of the Playoffs to feature a 2 – 3 – 2 format. This format is in place to reduce the travel between cities in the later games, when shuttling all the press and TV crews back and forth would problematic.

This year the NBA Finals were initially held in Miami and then switched to Dallas for the remaining games.

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