White Bolero Shrug – The Bride Selection

Which shrug top is the favorite option for brides? I guess you don’t know the answer. Below are four types of common choices for brides. Possibly you will choose anyone of them during your big day.

White Satin Shrug
This piece is the versatile option for brides. It can use on several outfits. For example brides might need them for their satin wedding gown during morning and lace prom dress during dinner. This white bolero shrug is natural and poised, best for decorous bride style. You can get this piece everywhere, compare to others they are more in stock.

White Fur Shrug
This shrug piece is an ideal choice for winter wedding. Brides will match this white fur shrug with their fur wedding gown. The piece is super elegant, luxurious and charming. It is a grandeur option for brides. Some brides match this beautiful shrug with plain wedding gown, for example tube mermaid wedding dress. This is to make the shrug piece as the main focus of this bride’s outfit.

White Lace Shrug
White lace bolero shrug is more for vintage styling. This piece can be built-in or free lying. The piece is presenting in ultimate timeless beauty where other shrugs and boleros hard to perform this. Brides usually match this shrug piece with lace gown. Moreover they will accessorize themselves with lace-made clutch bag and high heels. Beside satin shrug, this shrug is the second popular option.

White Silk Shrug
The smooth, lustrous and soft are the three terms to describe this shoulder coverlet. You will fall in love with this shrug piece for no reason. The shrug goes well with classic design wedding dress. Moreover this piece also helpful for bridesmaid. There were two types of silk shrugs. The first type is made of genuine silk and the second by faux silk. By the way faux silk shrug is much common nowadays.

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