Who Sells Mini Laptops

Mini laptops came to be in the year 2007 as smaller notebooks or laptops that are basically manufactured for the purpose of lightweight and low cost.  Because of this feature, these mini laptops were only capable of basic functions like word processing and Internet connectivity.   They can be sold by all kinds of establishments, from the internet to brick and mortar stores.

The first retail organization to sell mini laptop computers are the computer brands themselves.  Since they are the ones who manufactured the products, they can set their own terms and agreements to the products they sell, basing this on the labor and prices of the parts required in building the device.

There are a number of people as well who purchase these devices in bulk and sell them for a cheaper price.  There are some who buy it then after testing, are not satisfied with their purchase, then sell it online through auction sites.  These auction sites allow the sellers to have those people who are interested in the product to either bid for it against others or just choose the “buy now” option.  In some auctioning instances, the buyers are lucky enough to pay less than what retail establishments offer.

There are also refurbished laptops being sold.  These laptops may have been directly purchased from the manufacturer or returned by the customer and are sold good as new, but some of them may have been cosmetically damaged.  These refurbished items may have scratches and dents but do not directly affect the performance of the unit.

All in all, there are numerous businesses and agencies that sell these products, the differences lie in the prices, quality and purchasing process.

Regardless of where you choose to purchase your mini netbook from, it is extremely beneficial to know the manufacturer’s suggested retail price prior to going shopping. That way you can get an idea of whether you are getting a good deal.

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