Why is school boring?

“School is boring!” – How often have you heard a student say that? More often than you hear them say “School is interesting!”, right? Maybe this is why so many students play school pranks in class instead of paying attention.

Teachers and everyone else have made school be about rote memorization and busywork. Why? Because they think they have to, otherwise they won’t get the results that are required of them from the state. This is sad, because that leaves no time for students to pursue their actual interests, and to learn about things that they find fascinating rather than repeating the same boring facts over and over. Even sadder, is that students are told that if they don’t get good grades, they’ll be a failure in life.

This isn’t even true. Studies have shown that homeschoolers tend to do better in college and real life than high school students. Why is that? Could it be because homeschoolers have more choice in what they learn and when they learn it? Could it be because they have more time to spend on things they actually care about, instead of being told all the time that they’ll amount to nothing in life unless they jump through predefined hoops?

Bored students would be better off homeschooled, or just about any other alternative that will allow them to focus more on their actual interests. That way they can learn more, rather than spending their free time trying to unblock Facebook at school on the computers.

Students learn better when they’re interested in what they’re learning about, and even better when they can choose what to do with their time. Schools are too rigid and don’t accommodate different interests at all. They insist too much on doing things their way, so they actually discourage creativity and critical thinking because of that. Even if they claim to encourage critical thinking, they actually don’t – because if a student tries to apply critical thinking to the school rules or policies, what’s the most likely outcome? Trouble. Shows you where their priorities are, doesn’t it?

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