Why You Should Use Flameless Candles

Many people use candles for various reasons. So let us look at some of those reasons and see how flameless candles can fit in.

Lighting is probably the number one reason for using candles.  A candle can save on electricity costs so if you have enough candles to provide the light you need then candles would work.  Or, say the electricity goes out from a storm or electrical problem, it would be a life saver to have candles around.  When you get up at night to visit the bathroom, a small light from a candle would be just enough to help you find your way.  However, you really wouldn’t want a regular burning candle, unattended for the night.  That’s where a flameless candle comes in.  It can be placed on a small table or decorative shelf in a hallway so that your path to the bathroom is in sight.  And that way, if the electricity would happen to go out at night, and you have a night light plugged in the electrical socket that is now not working, the flameless candle would still be glowing to light your path.

Another reason for burning candles, is for mood setting.  You could have a candle glowing after a day at work and have that warm feeling when you enter your home. Or, say you like to just relax or meditate or read, the warmth of a candle helps to set the mood for whatever you desire.  Now, throw in a flameless candle and there is no need to be concerned about a fire, a mess or sot when you blow out the regular burning candle.

Gift giving is popular for many occasions, but at times it’s difficult to come up with a gift idea.  Candles are a popular item but instead of buying a regular candle why not switch to buying a flameless candle.  They will last much longer and people will not be afraid to use them.

With the many great features of flameless candles, such as: remote controls, timers, variety of scents and unique shapes and sizes, my vote is a flameless candle over a regular burning candle any day.

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