Why Use Sea Salt?

What is sea salt and why should you consider using it.  Well sea salt is actually sodium and chloride that is collected from salty ocean waters.  Water is brought in and then evaporated to leave the salt behind.  Salt is also known as NaCl in chemistry and as a food in our modern and ancient cultures.   Even deposits of salt that are found on earth were actually put there from ancient salty waters that have since dried up leaving behind sea salt.

Understanding what is sea salt means comparing it to it’s counter part iodized table salt.  Common table salt is the salt that you see every day, perfectly white and beautiful it is also harmful to your body in many ways.  It is a culprit to blood pressure issues as well as other health challenges that many face.  The reason for this is because table salt is not a whole food.  It has been stripped of its supporting elements.  Sea salt on the other hand is a full spectrum food and can be used with little challenges assuming the diet is not laden with regular salt.  It is kind of like sugar. White sugar on it’s own is less then ideal for the body and generally everyone knows that it can affect their blood sugar levels and it’s not that good to consume regularly.  Alternatively a banana or apple is a great sweet treat that is still healthy and whole.  This is why you should only ever consider using sea salt that is unprocessed.

Now that you know what is what in the salt world what should you use your salt for.  Well there are so many options over and above salting your food for added flavor.  Salt is great for the skin.  Sea salt for acne and psoriasis is a popular way to take advantage of sea salts mineral content and slightly drying properties.  Another way to use it is to bath in salt water.  This therapy has been used for centuries all over.  Sea salt to cleanse the mouth, teeth and colon is also popular.  Cleaning in generally can be aided by salt as well.  Keep your eyes open for opportunities to take advantage of this very inexpensive substance in your life.

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