Window Blind Cleaning Tips

Choosing the correct blinds for your home can be a difficult task, mainly because there are so many types of blinds on the market.  Blind types range from roller blinds to pinoleum blinds with many others types in between.  The comforting thought for most people is that there is a suitable type of blind out there to suit all situations and also all budgets.

Keeping blinds clean is very important although it should be recognised that blinds are easier to keep clean than curtains or heavy drapes.  In fact most curtains end up being sent to dry cleaners to be professionally cleaned and this can be expensive, whereas blinds are not that difficult to clean

‘Hard blinds’ are easier to clean than other blind types and ‘herd blinds’ mean such blinds as wooden Venetian blinds, or plastic blinds.  This is because it is possible for a homeowner to simply give these blinds a wipe down with a damp cloth and to leave them dry out before operating them again.  It is always a good idea not to close blinds that are still damp as it makes them harder to dry and also damp mould can develop between the slats.

The best approach to take with the cleaning of blinds is that you would carry out a bit of cleaning on a regular basis.  It is better to do it this way than to allow a lot of dirt to build up on the blinds.  If this happens you may have to employ more elbow grease into your cleaning and this could end up in damage being caused to the blind.

Soapy warm water is a good cleaning agent for blinds and those that are very dirty can also be tackled with cloths that are impregnated with special cleaning agents that will not damage the surface of the blind.  You can also use a vacuum cleaner with a special attachment that will allow you to suction off dirt from the blinds without causing any harm to the blinds either.

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