A Quick Guide To White Wine And Its Stemware

White wine may not be as distinctive or eye-catching as red wine; in fact the battle still goes over which wine is more popular, white or red. But white wine has its own charms. It’s not as strong or robust, but it is lighter, creamier and more acidic than red. In fact, white wine goes well with more foods than red wine does, since the lighter flavours and higher acidity can tantalize the palate better than the richer flavours of red. Examples of foods that go well with white wine are poultry, pasta, salads, and seafood. Ideally, white wine should be chilled for the more delicate qualities to last longer, and its glassware is narrower and taller than those for red wine. There are white wine glasses with no stems, but it’s better to get those with long durable stems, because holding the glass by the bowl can affect the temperature and taste of the wine. Also, white wine stemware is always elegant to look at, and you can jazz them up with cute wine glass charms and tags to make them look unique.

The reason why white wine glasses have narrow bowls is because the more fragile notes tend to disperse fast when the wine is exposed to too much air. Chardonnay is probably the most popular white wine for the grape grows well in any climate. Other whites worth pouring include Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris.

There are many styles of white wine glasses that are said to go best with a particular type of grape. You can order cheap wine glasses from online sites or browse through glassware shops if you want to get specific with your wine, but make sure that you get stemware of good quality and reasonable price so you can enjoy your white wine adventure to the fullest.

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