Wireless Charging Pads

A gadget that is slowly making its presence felt is the wireless charging pad. This gadget is now among the most favorite gift items for men that you can find in the market. The gadget does away with the messy cables and cords and the plugging and unplugging of the traditional charger. So how does a wireless charging pad works? This technology involves an adapter that has contact points. These contact points are linked to the back plate of the device. When you need to charge the device, you only have to place it on the charging pad that is conductive. Charging begins as soon as the contact points touch the surface of the charging pad that is conductive.

How does power supply pass from the charging pad to the device? The contact between the contact points and the charger’s surface enables tiny currents to move through coils installed in the charging pad. This in turn produces a magnetic field, which are converted into energy. The energy from the charging pad transfers to the battery of the device, just like the way power is transferred from the conventional plugged charger to the cell phone. Some companies have designed a charging pad that is fifteen centimetres by 40 centimetres in size. Its charger surface has the capacity of ninety watt. It has also an adapter that has five to six contact points.

Other companies have created charging pad products of their own. Some of these charging pads come in malleable material and are more portable that the wireless charging pads available in the market now. Interested individuals who want to know where to buy wireless charging pads can search the Internet for information. But those looking for cheap wireless charging pads may have to be disappointed yet because gadgets that are relatively are seldom cheap.

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