Summer Staple: Womens Madras Shorts

In the summertime, the idea is to keep cool even under the heat of the sun. The fashion trend is to buy clothes that are lightweight and cottony. Can you imagine wearing leather and wool during the summer? You would melt instantly. Go for thin cotton fabrics that provide ventilation. Seersuckers and madras are very common summer pieces. They are both cotton fabrics that are comfortable.

Great For the Summer

For a sunny day out to the park, it is great to wear womens madras shorts. These kinds of shorts are cool and very comfortable to wear. They also come in a variety of colors. Madras fabrics come in a plaid design, patchwork madras or bleeding madras. The shorts are easy to wash but it has the tendency to shrink with wash and wear. You can wear the shorts with a tank top, a shirt or polo shirt. Keep it simple.

A madras dress can also be worn during the summer or even during springtime. Some designers have created stylish and flirty dresses. Wear them with sandals or flip-flops.

Like the madras shorts, other summer staples include womens madras skirts. Skirts are fun and can be paired with a plain, solid-colored shirt. These outfits are great for boating, hanging out with friends or just an afternoon at the park.

Madras Skirts VS Madras Shorts

Some women prefer shorts over skirts because it gives them more freedom to move. Womens madras shorts come in different lengths and styles. Womens madras skirts are a bit girly, but they are also popular. These two pieces could be worn any time of the year, not just in the summer.

Whether you choose skirts over shorts, madras is a staple for the summer. The texture and pattern are fresh and give a laid back look and feel. Go for light-colored shirts and tank tops. Never overdo your look. Top it off with accessories like necklace and sunglasses for a great summer look.

Wake Forest Demon Deacons Ladies Madras Skirt (Medium)

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