Wooden Bunk Beds Are the Best

For most people, their bedroom furniture is made from wood, or looks like it is made from wood, and therefore they want a wooden bed frame. Modern wooden bed frames incorporate the parts of a metal bed frame, allowing the wooden frame to last longer and to hold up the bed better. No one wants the head and foot boards to separate from the side rails and dump the box springs, mattress and occupants on the floor, even if they were jumping on the bed!

Wooden beds use the versatility of the materials to provide many styles of bed. The wooden head and foot boards may be decorated with pieced together rails and spindles, or carved with fruit, flowers and ribbons. Areas of the head and foot boards may be cut out to lighten the weight of the bed, and the opening filled with caning or padded, fabric-covered inserts to match the bed linens or decorating scheme of the bed room.

Wooden bed frames can match the furniture style of the other bedroom furniture, whether French Provincial, Chippendale or Early American. No matter the details of the style in question, if it can be done on the dresser, chest of drawers and mirror, it can be replicated on the bed frame.

A wooden bed may incorporate the features of other, old fashioned means of transportation, such as horse-drawn sleighs and have wooden head and foot boards with large curls outward from the mattress area.

Finally, for space related issues and multiple room occupancy, a set of wooden bunk beds can look good while safely sleeping two. The style of the wooden bed frame will even match the other furniture if the bunk beds were bought in the suite of wooden furniture. For this purpose, wooden bunk beds are the best.

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