The Basics of Using a Wooden Curtain Pole

One best way to dress up a window is to use curtains.  Curtains are fairly easy to hang, and doing so is something that no one should be too intimidated to try.  Once you have chosen the curtains you want to put up, the only real decision left to make it what type of curtain rod you want to use.  One of the most common choices, and always a classic, is the wooden curtain pole.

Finding the right rod for your window is easy.  There are many different shapes and lengths, and you can find them in numerous finishes.  While the wooden curtain pole is popular, you can also find them in brass, steel, and wrought iron.  If that is not enough to choose from, you can also find special or custom finishes in both wood and metal.

Do you have a bay window?  You do not need to hang three separate rods to cover all sides of your window.  You can get a bay window curtain pole that will fit your window perfectly, making it easy to dress all of the windows in your home.  Curtain poles for bay windows are not difficult to find, and they do not require much more to install than a traditional curtain pole.

If you choose to use a wooden curtain pole, the most common technique, and a highly recommended one, is to match the wooden pole to the wood that already exists in the furniture of the room.  If you have pine, oak, walnut, cherry, or cedar, you want your curtains to be on a pole that matches the same look.  This will help tie the room together and add a rich elegance to your curtain hangings.

Proper choices in window treatment will go a long way to adding a look of luxury and class to your home.  With the wide variety of poles and accessories available, there is no reason why you cannot find the perfect bay window curtain pole, or wooden curtain pole that you are looking for.

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