The All New Xbox 360 Slim

I have been a Microsoft fan since I got my first xbox, and I have now owned an xbox 360 since they were first released over 5 years ago.  I absolutely love it and would not be prised from it for love nor money. However there is a new sexy updated xbox 360 on the market and it is called the xbox 360 slim. This is basically the same as the xbox 360 original except for a few interesting features.

Firstly, the shape and size has been scaled down so although it is the same width as the old one, it is a lot shorter and now comes in a gorgeous gloss black colour and has a snazzy new front end with lots of touch sensitive buttons, which brings it smack bang up to date with all the new technology. The biggest thing with this xbox slim is the new 250 gb hard drive that comes with it.  This thing has a huge 250 gb memory storage which is perfect for if your downloading films and games to store on it. The machine now runs a lot quieter than its predecessor because it now has one huge effective fan as opposed to 2 small ineffective fans that lead to overheating problems and hence – lots of xbox’s breaking down. The new fan also pushes the heat out away from the machine via an exhaust port on the rear.

The machine now has extra usb ports for extra connectivity and also has lovely new accessories, such as a black xbox 360 headset to match the console and a black controller to match too. The xbox 360 slim isnt a whole new console, but more of an update.  If you have a perfectly good working xbox then don’t upgrade, but if your xbox breaks down, then seriously consider upgrading to an xbox 360 slim as it is a great console which will keep you amused for hours on end.

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