Types Of Clothes To Wear To Yoga Class

For folks that are just starting out practicing yoga for the first time, one question that invariably arises is about clothing. Yoga is unique as an exercise format as it consists of lots of unusual poses and postures that require practitioners to get into lots of twisting, contorted positions, so wearing the most appropriate clothes is a essential.

When looking for what to wear to yoga class, the first thing to consider is whether you feel comfortable in loose or form-fitting clothes. Women that don’t have body issues (i.e. feel comfortable with how their body looks) often prefer to wear form-fitting exercise clothes usually made out of lycra or other forms of stretchable material. For anyone concerned about their body shape, looser exercise wear is preferable as it doesn’t tend to reveal our body shape as much which always makes for a more emotionally comfortable experience in class.

One important thing to consider is that the fabric of your yoga clothes should be very thin. Heavy sweatpants and sweatshirts are not a good idea in a yoga class. You might be used to wearing thick sweats to the gym, but they will definitely get in the way during the numerous twisting yoga postures you will be performing. If you’re practicing any form of hot yoga (where the temperature can be upwards of 90 degrees) you definitely want the thinnest material possible so that they won’t get too soaked up with sweat.

For those that are really concerned about body image or just want to practice with a teacher in private, one option is to take online yoga classes which allows students the ability to interact with teachers through the internet, via the privacy of their own homes. This allows students to work with a teacher without the fear of being judged for their body type.

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