Zombie And Truck Games

In your search for games to play online you will come across many options out there.  Some you will find fun and exciting while other will be extremely boring to you.  My goal here is to help narrow that search some in hopes to help find you something that you enjoy playing and that will keep you entertained for hours.

My two favorite genres that can be entertaining would have to be zombie and truck games.  These two genres are completely different and therefor can entertain you no matter what  you mood might be.

If you want to play zombie games online then your search wont be very difficult.  There are going to be all sorts of options available to you out there.  There are going to be many free or trial versions which can be quite fun but there will also be games that you can buy that will offer even more entertainment.  I would suggest trying the trial version of plants vs zombies and going from there. Plants verse zombies is not your typical online zombie game that you would play.  Instead plants verse zombies involves a little more strategy than just running around in a first person shooter game.  While playing plants verse zombies you will place different types of plants in your yard which is set up like a checker board.  These plants then shoot objects at the oncoming waves of zombies that you will face.

If that is not quite what you are looking for then  you might want to search for online truck games to pass the time.  Truck games online are simple and entertaining.  You typically only use the four arrow keys to navigate your way though a given course.  The winner of course is the first one to cross the finish line.

With all the games available the search can be a  difficult one.  Best of luck in finding something you truly enjoy.

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