Product Description Of The Popular Zooka Pitching Machine

While reading a baseball pitching machine review you will surely have the chance to encounter the Zooka brand. But of course, they are one of the most trusted brands when we talk about sport equipment and accessories. Sporty peeps like you would never have a day complete without a field practice especially when you need to master game tactics and skills. The Zooka is a perfect high technology buddy that is different from the traditional wheel operated baseball pitching machine. It uses no wheels at all!

Zooka pitching machines reviews is very helpful as not to miss the most memorable baseball experience. Before you buy products it is wise to review important features and description. Zooka products are affordable and user friendly. It has safe features and very convenient to use. This portable machine only weighs 30 lbs that is operated by battery. It can deliver an average of 500 pitches at 70 mph pitch speed before the battery weakens.

Zooka pitching machine uses any type of 9 inch ball including soft-core balls and tennis balls. The typical throw is 2 to 5 seconds in as much as 60 feet. You can carry the machine anywhere, in the backyard, baseball fields, and ball parks. You can purchase an external battery pack if you think you need more than 500 pitch practice. Mostly the product warranty is up to one year while six months for the battery.

When choosing pitching machines for purchase, check the special features and product support. You can be assured with quality and durability but proper care is still important. Cleaning and proper battery charging prolong the life span of the machine. Machines have built in self diagnostics with error codes displayed whenever error conditions occur. Examine the user guide manual for troubleshooting but with problems you can’t fix always refer to the product manufacturer.

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